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Case studies, feedback and experience

Feedback on Zascar

“Everyone that I have spoken with was impressed by the quantity and quality of the outputs from the work you led on the Commercial Strategy.”

“A thorough and thoughtful piece of work – which will form our direction for many years to come”

“There is no question that you met the brief, and delivered not only an excellent analysis of our situation, but also clear conclusions on the way forward.  I feel that we got good value for money, and a piece of work that moved us ahead in significant ways.”

“You did an excellent job on working with the diverse cultures - from junior staff to Board members. Everyone was impressed by your professional approach and your ability to understand and engage with very diverse stakeholders.”

“... considerable buy-in from the organisation”

“Very clear actions to keep the process on track”

“Amongst the best events I have ever seen facilitated – and enjoyable too”

“The broader consultation with staff was handled creatively resulting in a host of good ideas”

“I should mention in particular the concluding presentation to the Board, which was very well received by everyone present. The Board have broad experience of consultants and I was delighted by the enthusiasm with which your work was received.

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