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We partner with others for specialist services where required.

Areas of work


Portfolio management tools

We work closely with a partner to provide a unique approach to optimising your activities and projects. A process of facilitation, normally with the top team, efficiently assesses the relative importance of your strategic goals - a software model then suggests which approaches best deliver your business priorities, bypassing the emotions caused by “voting to keep or cull projects”. More information

Customer service measurement

As part of assessing “where we are now”, we have a long relationship with an organisation specialising on measuring service performance - how the customer experience is felt, and what are the priority areas to fix. Many years of tracking the performance of blue-chip companies are testament to the robustness of approach.  More information


If your work focuses on improving sustainability or corporate responsibility, then you may need specialist skills on environmental issues. We have an established relationship with a leading expert consultancy and will partner with them to offer the breadth of business application you need, alongside the technical issues covered. More information

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